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a Remote Fly-in and Train-in Resort located in Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park

Escape to a Memorable Wilderness Experience

Wilderness fishing made easy! “Fly-in or Rail-in” to one of Canada’s best and most remote wilderness fisheries. Flindt Landing Camp is located on Heathcote Lake in Northwest Ontario within the 2.3 million acre “Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park”. It is one of only seven camps located within the whole park and the only one on our body of water. Experience spectacular fishing for trophy Walleye and tackle busting Northern Pike on 17-mile long Heathcote Lake formed by the Flindt River. Fish unlimited structure with water up to 140’ deep, and hundreds of islands, bays, coves, narrows, and inlets. Thanks to our conservation efforts, our small fishing camp has protected a huge virgin walleye and pike fishery for many decades ensuring a healthy population for years to come.

Meet Your Hosts…

Your HostsStarting in 1963. David Gish quite began promoting the ideas of catch and consume, catch and release before the terms had ever been invented. He preached and taught proper fish handling techniques out of a simple concern for the needs of the fish, many years before the idea was accepted dogma by the rest of us. As a result many thousands of fish were caught and safely returned to the Flindt Landing waters to spawn new generations. Historically, the Flindt Landing fishery was never in a state of decline. It was too strong, too remote and so under fished that today the fishery is as healthy as it was in 1963 or even 500 years ago. The natural supply of food carried by the waters that constantly flow through the fishery make the Flindt Landing waters, arguably, the most productive walleye and pike fishery in Canada. After David passed on in 2002, daughter Patsy and her husband Bob took over with the same dedication and management style and continue to run Flindt Landing Camp to these same standards.

Join us this year for a fishing vacation in some of Canada’s most pristine wilderness!