A Remote Fly-In or Rail-In Fishing
Experience You’ll Not Soon Forget!!

Flindt Landing Camp is one of Northwestern Ontario’s best kept fishing secrets, but we want you to know all about it. We offer the remoteness and benefits of a fly-in camp and a vastly untouched natural fishery together with all the natural beauty of Wabakimi Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. As both a fly-in and a train-in camp, we’re the only camp on our extraordinary fishery! Imagine, the seclusion and feeling of being one with nature as you explore the serenity and calmness of our tannin stained waters. We offer rustic yet modern cabins located in a dense boreal forest within the beauty of the Canadian Shield.

Wildlife species include large game animals such as moose, woodland caribou and bear, as well as smaller mammals such as lynx, fox, marten, weasel, timber wolf, otter and mink.  Typical bird species include bald eagle, raven, osprey, boreal owl, common loon, hooded merganser and herring gull.

There is only one answer for the sportsman who waits all year for a week of the kind of fishing he dreams about.  The only way is to fish an area that still has virgin water and trophy sized fish.  A place that has no roads and can only be reached by float plane or by rail.  For a great fishing adventure, RAIL-IN or FLY-In from where the road ends to Flindt Landing Camp in the beautiful Canadian wilderness.

Join us this year for a Walleye and Northern Pike fishing trip that you’ll not soon forget!

Great Fishing

Guys with stringer of Walleye

Great Fishing in Wabakim Provincial Park

There is an abundant supply of big northern pike, walleye and whitefish. Fourteen pound walleye and thirty pound pike have been caught at Flindt Landing.


Private Cabins

Bridge to walk across to Flindt Landing Camp

Rustic Yet Modern Cabins

Cabins are connected to the lodge by a 150' footbridge. Cabins are spaced for privacy on a beautiful island. One secluded walk-in outpost is separated from the main camp on South Heathcote Lake.



People disembarking after training in to Flindt Landing Camp

Fly-in or Train-in to Flindt Landing Camp

Are you looking for a spectacular remote wilderness walleye and pike fishery, but not one you have to fly-in to? the train literally stops at the door of our small fishing camp in Wabakimi Provincial Park!


What Our Guests Say About Flindt Landing Camp...

Ultimate fishing experience. Isolation of Mother Nature and breath taking views. 12 mile lake offers wide variety of fishing locations. Large Walleye and Northern Pike. An experience like no other.

Justin Kloski

This time Jay Martin on the Trophy Board with a 24 inch walleye he caught and released. But, they caught plenty of walleye. Dan was reeling in a 17 inch walleye when a 30 inch pike went after it. Their last day at camp they sipped their morning coffee watching a caribou swim in front of their cabin - the perfect ending for a week of wilderness fishing.

The Martin

We came to Flindt Landing Camp for the first time in 1966, first week of June. We returned in 1967 and 1968. In 1992 my brother Mark and I decided we should start going back to Canada for a fishing trip. We made reservations for the first week of June 1993, twenty-five years after our last trip to Flindt Landing. We have been back every-other year since!

Mike Hasse

A Fly-In Experience You Won't Soon Forget!