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FLY-IN or RAIL-IN to one of the most remote areas in Northwest Ontario

FLY-IN and enjoy the thrill of viewing the beautiful Canadian bush from a float plane, and arrive right at our dock. Flying into camp gives you the option of arriving and departing camp on the days and at times to fit your schedule. The friendly and helpful folks at Rusty Myers Flying Service and Wabakimi Air Service fly every day, all daylight hours, weather permitting.

RAIL into the heart of the Canadian wilderness in complete comfort and safety on VIA Rail passenger train. As VIA journeys through the Canadian wilderness it passes by Flindt Landing Camp. If your budget has kept you from flying-in for the fishing trip of your dreams, or if the thought of travel by float plane does not appeal to you, consider the economical option of traveling into our wilderness fishing camp by rail. With advance reservations, VIA will stop at Flindt Landing and leave your party for a fly-in quality fishing adventure at a rail-in price. The scenic train ride gives you a chance to relax after driving, or to enjoy the Club Car and Diner.

Aerial View of Flindt Landing Camp

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Learn about your hosts that you will be staying with or learn about our history and what made us into the thriving camp you see today. Read some guests testimonials!

Experience The Remote Wilderness of Wabakimi Park

Encounter many different species of wildlife in Wabakimi Provinicial Park such as moose, woodland caribou and bear, as well as smaller mammals such as lynx, fox, marten, weasel, timber wolf, otter and mink.  Typical bird species include bald eagle, raven, osprey, boreal owl, common loon, hooded merganser and herring gull.

Dogs watching Squirrel Eagle spotted at Flindt Landing Camp Otters at Flindt Landing Camp Fox at Flindt Landing Camp
Flindt Irises Flindt Falls Black Bear Spotted around Flindt Landing Camp Flindt Landing Camp Sunrise