Our History

This is the unique and somewhat unbelievable story of the Flindt Landing Camp Fishery. Our story is about a remarkable man with a vision, the late Dave Gish, who conspired with nature to preserve his seventeen mile lake system an unspoiled, protected, river-fed fishery for thirty eight years so you could enjoy its bounty today exactly as he was able to when he first discovered it as an untouched and unspoiled fishing paradise in 1963.


Coming from, and being successful in the lumber industry, David's life was a lifelong study of the need to preserve natural resources. After all, his lumber yard and his financial success was dependant upon the constant supply of woods harvested from the forests that supplied his business. Financial success allowed Dave to explore his passion for the outdoors and fishing. He found and purchased Flindt Landing Camp in 1963, located in the heart of what he recognized was still a unique, one of a kind, virgin fishery for Northern Pike and Walleye in North-western Ontario.

Dave Gish Walking on Bridge

Being the only camp allowed in the seventeen mile lake system, David effectively exercised 100% control of his remote Northern Pike and Walleye fishery. David became the master of his domain and nature's guardian. Not needing or seeking commercial success for his camp, he kept Flindt Landing Camp very small and exclusive. He did not promote it at sport shows or in the media. He never invited sports figures, TV and Magazines to promote his Northern Pike and Walleye fishing heaven on earth.

Dave Gish on Bridge during Winter

Flindt Landing Camp was protected by the people who were lucky enough to hear about it by word of mouth alone. These lucky folks were usually limited to the extended family members of guests that returned year after year. You didn't need to be rich to qualify to come to Flindt Landing Camp, that wasn't Dave's way, you just needed to know about it. Looking back, we now realize that over the years, those in the know that came to Flindt Landing Camp kept their Northern Pike and Walleye fishing stories to themselves to insure the fishery would be untouched by fishing pressure, year over year.

Aerial View of Flindt Landing Camp

Dave used the camp primarily to forge a lifelong relationship with his daughter Patsy who owns and runs the camp today. He spent time with her to ensure that she was imbued with his love of the wilderness and the understanding of conservation she needed to carry on and preserve his fishing paradise. Patsy Gish Collins follows the only management philosophy she knows, the one her father taught her during the years they ran the camp and they fished together.

Dave and Patsy Sunset

Flindt Landing Camp remains largely unknown and unfished. Its one of Canada's most unique and abundant Northern Pike and Walleye fisheries. Its waiting for you and your family to explore and enjoy. Fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye today an Flindt Landing Camp is truly as good today as it was in the time before man. You simply cannot find a better protected wilderness walleye and pike fishery dominated by a private, small and quiet micro fishing camp that never accommodates more than five small fishing parties at one time from May to October.

Large Northern Pike Caught at Flindt Landing Camp

Present Day