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The peaceful surroundings of nature at its best. We have been going every year for over 20 years. Fishing is fabulous too.

Dessa Martin

Ultimate fishing experience. Isolation of Mother Nature and breath taking views. 12 mile lake offers wide variety of fishing locations. Large Walleye and Northern Pike. An experience like no other.

Justin Kloski

We came to Flindt Landing Camp for the first time in 1966, first week of June. We returned in 1967 and 1968. In 1992 my brother Mark and I decided we should start going back to Canada for a fishing trip. We made reservations for the first week of June 1993, twenty-five years after our last trip to Flindt Landing. We have been back every-other year since!

Mike Hasse

Alex Krall was using a pink jig and leech when he landed a 26 inch walleye. Lyle Krall fought a 29 inch walleye for ten minutes using a closed-face reel with no drag. He kept pushing the release button to give it line while holding the line between his fingers for drag. Open faced spinning reel next year, Lyle? Jordan Krall fished exclusively with a custom made Flindt River Rod that he won in the Flindt Landing trophy drawing in 2008. He must have said ten times during the week how much he loves fishing with the rod. This was his first year using a spinning reel and he said he will never go back to a casting reel. Jordan is on the Board again this year with a 27 inch walleye he caught using an orange jig and leech. His guide was friend John Severson. Along with the 27 inch, their two boats caught all nice size walleye 18-20 inches that morning plus a 22 and 23 incher, for a total of 51 walleye in two hours. They averaged over 100 walleye per day. They fought the rain and constantly changing wind directions. “Great time, great week, a pleasure to be here.” All walleye 18 inches and over were released.

Krall Party

This time Jay Martin on the Trophy Board with a 24 inch walleye he caught and released. But, they caught plenty of walleye. Dan was reeling in a 17 inch walleye when a 30 inch pike went after it. Their last day at camp they sipped their morning coffee watching a caribou swim in front of their cabin – the perfect ending for a week of wilderness fishing.

The Martin Party