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In memory of Dave Gish
for giving 38 years of loving care as
owner/operator of Flindt Landing Camp.

Dave Gish Founder

From the lumber industry and a self-taught naturalist conservationist, David Gish understood the need to manage a renewable resource decades sooner than most. Being the only camp operator of this remote and productive fishery and an enthusiastic outdoorsman, naturalist, fisherman and father; David decided to conserve the Flindt Landing Fishery for his family, friends and future generations, starting in 1963. David quite naturally began promoting the ideas of catch and consume, catch and release before the terms had ever been invented. He preached and taught proper fish handling techniques out of a simple concern for the needs of the fish, many years before the idea was accepted dogma by the rest of us. As a result many thousands of fish were caught and safely returned to the Flindt Landing waters to spawn new generations.

Historically, the Flindt Landing fishery was never in a state of decline. It was too strong, too remote and so under fished that today the fishery is as healthy as it was in 1963 or even 500 year ago. The natural supply of food carried by the waters that constantly flow through the fishery make the Flindt Landing waters, arguably, the most productive walleye and pike fishery in Canada.

Like Father, Like Daughter. Patsy Collins, Proprietor, carries on the conservation practices started by her father David Gish.
“Catch and consume, catch and release and don’t forget to bring your digital camera!”

– Dave Gish, Patsy Collins Proprietor, Bob Collins