About Our Fishery

How to tell a good fishery from a great one? Here are the geographical, biological and human factors that made the Flindt Landing Camp water system Canada’s greatest and least visited Walleye and Pike fishery. Learn about how our small fishing camp has protected and preserved a huge virgin Walleye and Pike fishery for over fifty five years.

Pre-historic glaciers carved out the bays, creating the islands and undulating shoreline and a glacial river deposited its gravel on the lake bottom ten thousand years ago. The fishery is constantly scoured and cleaned by the slow movement of the waters that are pushed from one end of the lake system to the other by the river’s unyielding force. The Flindt Landing Camp Northern Pike and Walleye fishery is capable of supporting and growing many times more fish per acre than any ordinary bathtub lake system which make up the vast majority of lakes in Ontario.

The gravel bottom was deposited by receding glaciers ten thousand years ago. The gravel is called Esker. Esker once formed the bottoms of the giant glacial rivers trapped inside the melting ice flows. The gravel in the lakes is evidenced by the many sand beaches found in the protect bays. Bays and shallows are weeded with natural gravel bottoms and are ideal spawning grounds for Northern Pike and Walleye. The waters of the system slowly move from one end of the lake system where river water enters to the other end, seventeen miles downstream where the river is reconstituted by Twin Falls and flows out of the lake system.

Simply put, the river supplied lake system can support more Northern Pike and Walleye per acre than most lakes and the fishery had never been exploited. David Gish implemented conservation rules fifty years ago that insured most trophies were caught and released, providing future generations of Northern Pike and Walleye with the genes they need to grow large. These conservation policies are still practiced today!

Nice Stringer of Fish
Fishing in boat on Lake within Wabakimi Provincial Park
John Fishing Falls
Flindt Landing Camp Gut Hut

Your Fishing Experience

Flindt Landing Camp is located in Northwest Ontario within the 2.3 million acre “Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park”. It is one of only seven camps located within the whole park and the only one on our fishery. Experience spectacular fishing on 17-mile long Heathcote Lake formed by the Flindt River. Fish unlimited structure with water up to 140′ deep, and hundreds of islands, bays, coves, narrows, and inlets. Heathcote Lake is long and narrow and dotted with islands that allow protected fishing in any type weather.

Because Heathcote Lake has water up to 140 feet deep, and deep water means more and bigger fish, the fishing hasn’t been scratched in this vast unspoiled area.  And because Flindt Landing is located within Wabakimi Wilderness Park, there will never be roads into this remote area.  The lakes and forests will remain as they are for generations to come.

The fishing in Wabakimi Park is legendary, particularly for Walleye and Northern Pike.

Nature created tea stained waters that allow Northern Pike and Walleye fingerlings and juvenile fish to hide effectively from predators in the weed beds, camouflaged by the water itself. Fish spawn around the points of land where the gravel bottoms are exposed by slow moving currents that quicken as they round the jutting points obstructing their way. The slow moving waters carry the nutrients that feed the creatures that sustain the minnows, pre-fish and the Northern Pike and Walleye fingerlings.

There is unlimited fishing in this Canadian shield lake formed by granitic bedrock:  hundreds of coves, shallow and deep bays, narrows and inlets.  The cool clean tea-colored water contains rock reefs and points, submerged islands and humps, slopes and sandbars adjacent to weedbeds, making it a paradise for trophy fish.  Islands of all shapes and sizes are covered with a beautiful carpet of moss and jackpine, black spruce, white birch and trembling aspen trees.  The islands shelter the lake so that you can fish in any kind of weather without fear of rough water.  You can fish every day of your entire stay.

The Flindt Landing Camp Northern Pike and Walleye fishery is huge – magnificently large and well fed. A river flows into one end of the lake system delivering nutrients into the fishery that feeds the insects, larva, nymphs and invertebrates. The slow moving waters distribute nutrients along the shores and over the gravel bottoms for seventeens miles of the fisheries lake system. This Northern Pike and Walleye fishery is simply force fed!

The fishery is so big and so remote and the lodge accommodates so few guests that no amount of fish taken by Flindt Landing Camp fishermen have ever had any effect whatsoever on spawning rates, numbers or size. Because the waters are so large and the fishermen so few, we believe that most Northern Pike and Walleye in the lake have never seen a lure! It’s one of Canada’s most unique and abundant Northern Pike and Walleye fisheries. It’s waiting for you and your family to explore and enjoy. Fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye today an Flindt Landing Camp is truly as good today as it was in the time before man.