Travel Information

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Whether you are flying into camp or taking the train, use the information below to help you plan your journey to us.

VIA Rail Information

VIA schedule beginning May 1, 2019. Instead of running three days per week in each direction, the schedule has changed to two days per week in each direction.

Direction Departure Time Arrival Time Days Available
Westbound (Hornepayne) 2:45AM EST 9:30AM CST Monday and Thursday
Westbound (Armstrong) 9:00AM EST 9:30AM CST Monday and Thursday
Eastbound (Sioux Lookout) 7:15AM CST 9:00AM CST Monday and Thursday

VIA Rail 888-842-7245 for specific information pertaining to your trip or to make  Rates will be in Canadian dollars.

VIA offers special rates for seniors, youth, students, children, and advance purchase discounts. VIA baggage rules are three checked bags of 50# max each per person, up to three additional per person @ $20 per bag. Oversize or overweight will be $20 per bag.  VIA is usually pretty good about overlooking extra baggage if you have everything packed compactly in totes, like-sized odd shaped articles secured together (all fishing rods should be in rod cases, not loose), and all baggage clearly marked with your party name, phone number and destination. They do not like to handle articles they cannot stack in the boxcar. Cases of beer and pop should be taped so if the cases rip the cans do not roll around the boxcar.

Fly-In Information

Rates will be in Canadian dollars.

Rusty Myers Flying Service

Rusty Myers is located on Sturgeon Lake just south of the town of Savant Lake on Hwy 599. Watch for their sign on Hwy 599.

Summer Summer/Winter
Savant Lake Base
807-788-5224 (Satellite Delay)
Ft. Francis Base

Wabakimi Air

Wabakimi Air is located just south of the town of Armstrong at Mattice Lake on Hwy 527. Watch for Mattice Lake Outfitters.
For fly-in information please call 807-583-2483 or 800-788-5224.

To determine per person fly-in rate divide rates by the number of people in your party. When estimating total weight for flying-in, be sure to consider not only the poundage but also the volume of your gear and passengers.